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    As a full-service digital marketing technology firm, Vidi Emi develops custom-tailored
    e-marketing programs that produce results – with a focus on high ROI initiatives
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    Since 2001, Vidi Emi has helped some of the world's largest and most
    recognizable companies successfully achieve their e-marketing initiatives.
    Learn more about how we work as an extension of your digital marketing team.

At Vidi Emi, Your ROI is Our Bottom Line.

From my first experience with Vidi Emi, I realized that they are more than just a vendor - they are partners. Their team has always provided the best possible solutions to help make each of our initiatives meet and exceed every goal in a cost-effective manner.

—   Kieran Hawe
      Director of Marketing, DreamWorks

Vidi Emi has been a valuable partner in Toyota's digital strategy. They are not only wonderful to work with but are proactive with innovative ideas for our business.

—   Camille Kahrimanian
      Management Supervisor, H&L Partners

I have worked with Vidi Emi for since 2003, when I chose them as my email deployment vendor. Of course, I was skeptical of their pitch at first, but then came the shocking part: they actually did what they said they would do, when they said they would do it, and at a very reasonable price. I have used Vidi Emi to manage email lists and campaigns for six distinct brands, and they worked with me to develop five stand-alone ecommerce sites, complete with reporting, internal search and shopping carts. In every instance, I have found the team at Vidi Emi to be capable, responsive and pleasant, whether I'm dealing with John Ludgey or any of the support staff.

—   Brandon Finch
      Marketing Manager, Cycle Gear

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