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Founded in 1999, Vidi Emi specializes in full-service email marketing .

Are you a marketer who needs help with your email marketing promotions? Vidi Emi’s team of experienced digital marketing professionals works hand-in-hand with our clients to make email marketing simple.

Boasting clients like Disney, Jelly Belly, Uncle Ben's, Hormel, and Toyota, we work hand-in-hand as an extension of your marketing team, and take the time to understand our clients' unique challenges. We believe in being responsive and can be reached at any time of the day or night, weekends and holidays included. This unrivaled dedicated to our clients is a big reason our clients trust in us and have chosen to continue working with us through the years.

And unlike other firms, each and every member of our email marketing team boasts a minimum of six years’ experience working alongside clients, helping them achieve email marketing success. We work together to take the very best care of our clients and to make sure a job is done right.

Trust the experts at Vidi Emi to offload your email marketing initiatives.

From my first experience with Vidi Emi, I realized that they are more than just a vendor - they are partners. Their team has always provided the best possible solutions to help make each of our initiatives meet and exceed every goal in a cost-effective manner.

—   Kieran Hawe
      Director of Marketing, DreamWorks

Vidi Emi has been a valuable partner in Toyota's digital strategy. They are not only wonderful to work with but are proactive with innovative ideas for our business.

—   Camille Kahrimanian
      Management Supervisor, H&L Partners

I have worked with Vidi Emi since 2003, when I chose them as my email deployment vendor. Of course, I was skeptical of their pitch at first, but then came the shocking part: they actually did what they said they would do, when they said they would do it, and at a very reasonable price. I have used Vidi Emi to manage email lists and campaigns for six distinct brands, and they worked with me to develop five stand-alone ecommerce sites, complete with reporting, internal search and shopping carts. In every instance, I have found the team at Vidi Emi to be capable, responsive and pleasant, whether I'm dealing with John Ludgey or any of the support staff.

—   Brandon Finch
      Marketing Manager, Cycle Gear

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Enhanced Email Solutions


Dynamic visuals, device detection, responsively designed emails, animated GIFs, integrated QR codes, unique promo codes and up to 50 fields of dynamic content for increased personalization are all part of our enhanced email solutions.



Send automated emails via a web service call, a secure file transfer or triggered by consumer behavior or time. You may send an isolated email or a series.


Top-Notch Email Deliverability

Achieve superb email deliverability through Savicom's smart sending engines and proprietary technology. All Vidi Emi client email is sent from Savicom's powerful servers and dedicated IP addresses.


Cross-Platform Email integration

Email marketing is only one of Vidi Emi's digital marketing services, and can be integrated with your company's web, search, social, traditional CRM and print marketing campaigns.

Multichannel Marketing

Boost your email ROI by delivering timely, relevant messages to your contacts using AutoCampaign. Rely on WebFetch, our automated content retrieval system, to keep contacts in the know.



Full-scale websites, micro-sites and landing pages.



Paid search and search engine optimization services



Optimization of other channels for mobile devices



Integration and cross-promotion with other digital marketing channels



Integrate digital with your traditional customer service representatives with your digital initiatives for a seamless customer experience.



Integrate print marketing with your digital initiatives for a consistent brand experience

Comprehensive Reporting & Analytics

Dynamic, scalable reporting shows you exactly how your digital marketing initiatives are performing. Gain a bird's eye view of performance trends or drill down to see exactly how a segment or individual is performing.


Key Segmentor

Use our key segmentor feature to track how segments perform. This feature allows you to have up to 8 different layers of segmentions, so you can have segments, sub-segments and micro-segments for micro-precision segmentation.


Conversion Tracking & Revenue Reporting

Use our Revenue Tracker feature to capture conversions and revenue generated form your digital marketing campaigns. A large client put us to the test—and found our results 100% accurate for any given time period.

Creative Design


Modern, Responsive Email Creatives

More than 15 years of email design experience at your finger tips


World Class Design Team

Take advantage of a world class creative design team that makes creatives, landing pages, and more for some of the worlds leading brands

Strategic Guidance


Multiple Channel Strategy & Integration

Vidi Emi specializes in complex marketing integration and strategy.


ROI Focused Email Strategy & Consultation

Use our Revenue Tracker feature to capture conversions and revenue generated form your digital marketing campaigns. A large client put us to the test—and found our results 100% accurate for any given time period.

Customized Solutions

While email marketing is a core component of the services we provide, it’s only part of what we do on behalf of our clients.

We're a team of highly intelligent programmers, creative artists, database gurus, paid-search professionals, and strategic thinkers who can bring nearly any digital marketing idea to life.

Together we develop custom-tailored digital marketing solutions with a focus on programs that yield a high ROI and serve as a one-stop digital marketing shop for our clients.


Example: Snowglobe Holiday Card

With this sophisticated marketing campaign, users can choose an interactive snowglobe to send to one or more friends.

We make email marketing SIMPLE.

Trust the experts at Vidi Emi to offload your email marketing initiatives.


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